IMG_9063.jpgInge's work is about the transiency and volatility of life.  Her paintings are a way to put on hold everything that comes and goes and bring it to the attention of the spectator.

Her streetscapes capture the interactions and movement of every day life in the city.  She observes urban nature and its transient inhabitants close-up, and from different perspectives, visualizing the anonymity of the masses as well as the rare and precious moments of true contact and intimacy.  

However, not all of her paintings are streetscapes.  Sometimes her work is about the volatility and elusiveness of memories, or the thin line between dream and reality.  Sometimes she just wants to capture an elusive gesture or action that disappears before it can be put on cavas.

Inge has been a professional artist since 2007.  Her work has been included in public and private collections all over the world.



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